5 tips for readying your home for guests this Christmas

Published on 27 November 2017

Christmas time sees the home come alive with friends, family and that festive frenzy that starts in early November and runs right through until the end of January. There’s a revolving door of house guests to accommodate and entertain. Spare rooms are constantly occupied. Pop-up beds appear in any available nook or cranny.

It’s a scene you’ll no doubt be all too familiar with. And, as the novelty of having Christmas visitors turns into the norm, we’re all guilty of letting our entertaining efforts wane. But now’s the time to sprinkle some extra Chrissie spirit on your guests’ stay.

From the planned to the impromptu, here are a few simple ways to prepare for hosting guests and giving them the ultimate home away from home experience.

1. Imitate bedroom space

If you don’t have a spare bedroom, it’s all the more important to style your guests’ space as if it were one. Rearrange living room furniture prior to your guests’ arrival and trial it out for yourself to see what might be lacking. Is there a lamp, power point and makeshift bedside table within easy reach? Would investing in a partition screen to offer some added privacy? Can you leave the space set up during the day to save yourself the nightly reshuffle?

2. Create the dream sleep routine

We all like to drift off to sleep in different ways, so give your guests the means to recreate their usual routine with a personalised slumber package. Offering a choice of firm, soft or hypoallergenic pillows can help to compensate for an unfamiliar mattress. Eye masks can come in handy if your guest isn’t used to natural light spilling into their room from the moment the sun comes up.

If your visitors are switching the intense humidity for cooler and less predictable temperatures, bear in mind that a few cosy throws from our homeware stores might not go a miss either. Alternatively, a portable air con unit will help during those warm nights.

3. Get savvy with storage

Whether it’s a flying visit to check out the Ashes Test match or an extended festive break, your guests will inevitably bring their fair share of baggage with them. To save stripping out your own wardrobe to make way for your guests’ gear, give them some storage of their own with a free-standing clothes rail.

Alternatively, if you’re short on space, a simple luggage rack can make living out of a suitcase less of a hassle.

4. Think beyond the bedroom

Help to alleviate any awkwardness around bathroom etiquette by leaving your guests their own individual set of towels and products. Choosing a style that comes in a range of patterns or colours is an easy way for guests to keep track of whose towel is whose. For an extra personal touch, put together baskets of bathroom miniatures with the contents tailored to each guest’s hair and skin type.

5. Home is where the Wi-Fi is

If your guests are with you for more than one night, you want to make sure their space is somewhere they can relax, unwind and use Netflix. Anticipate their request for the Wi-Fi password by designing up (try out Canva if you don’t have Photoshop) and printing it out for them.

Whether your guests are staying for a couple of hours or a couple of months this summer, it’s these smallest of touches that will help to make their stay memorable for all of the right reasons.