8 ways to treat dad this Father’s Day

Dads do it tough. Too rarely are do they get an entire day of rest and relaxation, too seldom do we stop to tell them how awesome they really are. So, we’ve come up with eight ways to treat your own dad this Father’s Day - with some food, some brews, some tunes and some bowling.

Rock out

The Promenade at Robina Town Centre becomes an ad-hoc music festival every Friday and Saturday, with some of the best local solo acts, bands and duos performing on stage. The night before Father’s Day, take your old man out to see singer/songwriter Josh Lovegrove as he plays the guitar and loop pedal.

Go for pancakes (and pizza)

If dad’s choosy, take him to The Groove Train. There are over 100 mod-Oz dishes to choose from, from triple-stack pancakes to smashed avo and eggs, wood-fired pizza and dark chocolate mousse. There’s guaranteed to be something here he’ll love.

Have a putt

Maybe dad’s no Adam Scott. But you can help him think he is by setting him loose at Lilliputt Mini Golf, where he can putt through the Pleistocene in an Ice Age-themed course.

Eat some hot chicken

For all the 18-stage degustations on offer, what dad really wants is an enormous pile of fried chicken. Lord of the Wings will provide him just that, and a nip or two of bourbon to boot.

Grab a pint

Being Father’s Day, it’s only right that you take a moment to raise a glass to toast dear old dad. The best place to do that is Malt House, a cornucopia of craft beer from Australia and abroad. There’s great grub, too.

Take a roll

 Maybe dad’s not quite mature enough for bowls, but he’s always young enough for bowling. Take the man for a round or 10 at Zone Bowling, where he can hone his competitive edge.

Dinner and a show

Saiko Teppanyaki in The Kitchens is as much theatre as it is cooking - with expert chefs using fire, knives and a whole lot of skill. The best part is that your dad will get to eat the show when it’s finished.

Get that gadget

After all that eating, dad might need a little encouragement to do some exercise. If he’s into gadgets, why not treat him to a brand-new Apple Watch so he can start logging his runs (and you can check he's doing them).

The ultimate gift

 If you can’t quite decide on a gift, let dad decide for himself. Robina Town Centre gift cards are available at the Customer Service desk, or online.


If you're still on the hunt for a present for dad, view our curated gift guide. Coming Soon