Around the World

Published on 19 April 2017

For most of us, an around the world trip probably won’t be possible until we’ve cashed in our lottery winnings and retired. While you wait for wait for that day to come, splurge on those adorable shoes and head to The Kitchens for an international food fare you won’t forget!


Check out these spots for some authentic international eats. They’re delicious enough to fool you into thinking you’re in a distant, romantic land… At least until you finish dessert.




Who doesn’t love dinner and a show? Swing by Saiko Teppanyaki for a delicious Japanese feast with a side of pizzaz! Or if you’re in the mood for something more low key, Muso Ramen and Gyoza is dishing out some slurp-tastic ramen, as well as gyoza, chicken NAGOYA wings, and much more! Make sure you bring a sumo-sized appetite!


South American


Ever wondered what a taco-burger hybrid would look like? Come by the Fiery Deli and try an Arepa! These guys are bringing the taste of South America to you, with their selection of delectable street food. Take a trip to Venezuela without ever leaving the Gold Coast!




Chong Co is Thai only one for us. Who needs to fly all the way to Bangkok when you can have authentic Thai delicacies right here? (Confit duck red curry, anyone?) And for some delicious Malaysian and Hong Kong Street food, you can’t go past Roti and Buns. Make sure to try the peking duck crepes and the freshly wrapped pan fried dumplings, you won’t regret it!