Experience a world of enchantment at Elixiba

Published on 13 June 2017

You can travel around the world and never quite have a dining and nightlife experience like Elixiba. Walking inside is entering an enchanted forest - and everything on the menu is sprinkled with a surprising touch. Not only is this venue 100% gluten free, but every element from the plant-based food to exotic elixirs and exciting cocktails is a completely original creation.

Inspired by alchemy and transformative magic of drinking and dining, the drinks feature custom brewed alcohols that result in incredible mixes like the Cheshire Cat cocktail that changes colours before your eyes and the Garden of Eden, topped with a veritable bouquet of edible flowers. Theres plenty of non-alcoholic drinks too, with brews like the Turmeric Tonic that are both delicious and full of health-boosting herbs and spices.

The chefs were inspired to create the plant-based, completely gluten free menu after having too many dining experiences ruined by gluten reactions from other restaurants who labelled their food gluten free. As a result, Elixiba is one of the very few venues at the Gold Coast that is guaranteed 100% gluten free. Fear not, gluten lovers, the food is so delicious you wont even be able to tell the difference! The Tower of Heaven dessert is a must-have, a heaped serving of pale chocolate chia cake, raw caramel mousse, raw banana ice cream, and raw chocolate sauce, it tastes so good you wont believe all the ingredients are good for you!

For your next night out take a break from the real world and enter the magic that is Elixiba.