easy ways to eat healthier at home

Published on 26 July 2016

four healthy food trends and the gadgets that will help you make them at home.

When it comes to nutrition, nothing beats a healthy, home-cooked meal. You know, and can control, exactly what goes into every dish and can make more nutritional choices along the way. Beyond the ingredients you put into your food, the latest gadgets, appliances and cooking methods can make a big difference too.

A wander through the appliances section in David Jones may have you excited and overwhelmed at the same time. There’s so many contraptions out there that it’s hard to know which one is right for you. To get you on the right track to eating healthier at home, here’s the four latest healthy eating trends plus the gadgets from David Jones that make it twice as easy for you to incorporate them into your busy, daily lifestyle.


An easy way to ensure you get your five and two, the green smoothie trend has been going strong for a while now and shows no signs of going away. Fill your blender or juicer with a nutrient-dense mix of greens (kale and spinach are powerful picks), add some grains if you want a more filling smoothie (steel-cut oats are ideal), and finish with pineapple or orange for a touch of sweetness. A green smoothie is a great way to kick-start every day, and they’re really quick to blend and take on the go.

Try it now: NutriBullet 600w 12 Piece Set. The Nutribullet has a cult-like following and for good reason. Unlike conventional juicers, this device breaks down whole fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds and doesn’t waste a single scrap, meaning you get the full nutritional benefit of every ingredient.


With the raw food movement going strong, and carb-reduction front of mind for many people, it’s no surprise that spiralised vegetables are currently all the rage. Ideal for those with gluten intolerance, substituting spiralised vegetables for traditional pasta is a great way of reducing your carb intake too. Use the spiraliser to turn zucchini, carrot, cucumber, beetroot (or any other firm vegetable) into guilt-free spaghetti.

Try it now: Avanti Veggie Spiretti. There are plenty of spiralisers on the market but this one gets our thumbs up due to its price and ease of use.

frozen yoghurt

A lighter, healthier alternative to full-fat ice cream, frozen yoghurt is an easy thing to whip up at home, with the right equipment. Plus, making your own fro-yo allows you to control the amount of sugar and fat you put in, and it’s a great way of avoiding the thickeners, additives and preservatives found in store-bought frozen desserts.

Try it now: Breville Icecream Maker. With twelve hardness settings to choose from, this ice cream maker whips up anything from low-sugar sorbet to delicious real fruit frozen yoghurt.

air frying

Ideal for the health-conscious who still like to indulge, air frying is one of the latest healthy cooking trends that’s taken off. Using rapidly circulating hot air, an air fryer allows you to cook fried food with little or no oil and it’s also mess-free (think zero oil spatter) and super-quick (think crispy potatoes in less than half the time it would take in the oven).

Try it now: Philips Xl Airfryer. This air fryer also boasts roasting, grilling and baking functionality, meaning more benefits from the same amount of counter space!