Naughty but Nice: Dessert at The Kitchens

Published on 19 April 2017

Okay, so The Kitchens offer more breakfast, lunch and dinner options than our cravings can handle, but the icing on the cake? With all of the sweeter things on offer, it’s like being stranded on a dessert island in the heart of Robina – and trust us, you’ll love it.


Soz breakfast, but you’ve just been demoted from ‘most important meal of the day’ status.


Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co


Wondering what your burger experience has bun missing? We’ve got concrete proof that there’s a sweeter deal out there. Finish off those cheeky burgers with a serve of Concrete Co’s concrete, a rich and creamy custard ice cream mixed into a range of heavenly flavours. Pick up a cup of peanut brittle or hot toffee doughnut, or become the architect of your own design with a DIY concoction.


Mark Daniels Patisserie


Who said dessert has to wait? Sorry, Mum, but turns out transforming brekky into an early-morning chocolate stop is a piece of cake. Good for freshly-baked dessert goodies at any time of day, Mark Daniels offers anything from bite-sized macarons to full, creamy, and oh-so-naughty Nutella cheesecakes.


Poppy's Chocolate  


Chocolate craving? Pop down to Poppy’s! With cabinets choc full of every specialty morsel under the sun, you’re covered for every occasion – from the lunch break cheeky truffle to the post-work ‘give me everything you have’ gift box. Oh, and don’t forget to grab some rocky road for the … well, you know.


Hey, life is what you bake it.