new season must-have culottes

Published by Robina

Brittney Moroko shares her top tips for wearing this season’s trend: culottes.

Culottes are having a big moment in the fashion world this year, with countless designers sending the retro silhouette down their runways and everyone from top models to celebrities and fashion bloggers rocking this new and exciting wardrobe staple. As a stylish alternative to wide leg pants and a-line skirts, culottes are definitely the top trend to try this season.


Styling culottes can be tricky at first but once you nail the look you will be wondering why you didn’t try this trend earlier. The easiest way to style a pair of culottes is to wear them how you would wear an a-line skirt: pairing them back with a tucked-in blouse, a fitted top or cropped top that meets the waist line of your culottes.

There are so many ways to wear a pair of culottes and they are a stylish alternative to dresses or jumpsuits for many different occasions. Why not glam up a pair of culottes by wearing them with a pointed toe heel and a statement necklace for a look that is effortlessly chic. Or try teaming culottes with a silk blouse and a blazer for a stylish professional outfit for the office.


Culottes are available in various lengths so be sure to select the right length for your shape. If you’re short and curvy opt for a lightweight pair of culottes that end a couple of inches below the knee and pair them with wedges or pointed toe heels, which will balance out the volume of the pants and elongate your legs. If you’re short and petite, high waisted culottes are great for creating the illusion of height and length. For those with tall silhouettes, longer culottes are perfect for showing off your height – team them with heels or a strappy sandal for a more relaxed look.

Style mistake to avoid: It’s important to avoid pairing culottes with oversized and loose fitted tops. Culottes are great because they draw attention to your waist so don’t lose the flattering silhouette by opting for oversized tops that hide your waist line.


If you’re new to wearing culottes, choosing a pair in black or white is the best place to start. They will look chic paired back with a range of existing pieces in your wardrobe. You’re spoilt for choice at the moment. Many retailers have culottes and tops in matched sets and varying on-trend colours and prints. Not only is this a great go-to outfit because tonal dressing is trending right now but it’s also a no fail approach to styling a pair of culottes. A pair of culottes in a lightweight fabric is the perfect addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Or why not embrace the denim trend and try a pair of denim culottes for a chic weekend look.