say hello to Muso Ramen Noodle & Gyoza Bar

Published on 06 December 2016

After exploring his roots back in Japan, Chef Akira Takagi founded Muso Ramen & Gyoza with one determined goal: bringing the very best ramen to Australian diners. Featuring home-made noodles and a slow-cooked stock, Akira and the Muso staff opened first in Mermaid Beach before joining our crew at The Kitchens.

Are you chicken?

In Australia, many diners will have encountered Tonkotsu ramen, which is made of a pork-base stock. Muso’s venue at The Kitchens has broken away from the traditional dining scene by becoming Australia’s very first specialized chicken-base ramen destination – in fact, the word ‘Muso’ itself means ‘the only one’.

But trends around the globe (and plenty of our personal taste tests) have proved that Akira’s forward thinking was onto something. Dining destinations in New York, London, Paris, and even Japan have seen a rising popularity of chicken-base ramen – and Muso’s own popularity was hard to ignore.

Use your noodle – stay healthy!

But what are the benefits of switching from pork to chicken? Other than changing up the taste, the chicken base has less saturated fat and more collagen, which is great for your skin (goodbye, wrinkles!).

From Akira’s signature Chicken Pai-Tai original ramen to a spicier variety, the food coma is inevitable – but that won’t stop us from ordering too many gyoza, too.

Don’t worry - herbivores are welcome too

With pork and chicken tending to rule over the ramen world, it’s rare for vegetarians to enjoy the wonderful feasting phenomena that is a hearty bowl of ramen. Now, Akira and the team have crafted a soup-er new vegetable ramen built on a soy base for vegos and meat-eaters alike to fall in love with – so slurp away!