The perfect snacks for Christmas grazing

Published on 12 December 2016

It’s the same in every household – whether your traditional Christmas Day meal happens at breakfast, lunch or dinner, it inevitably winds up being the only meal of the day. Between the 3 kinds of roasts, the extra salads every one brings and of course, the 7 pieces of pavlova it all finishes off with, there’s really not much room for more in one 24 hour period. But when the food baby wears off and you start feeling peckish again, instead of heading for the kitchen, we’ve rounded up the perfect snacks to put out amongst the wrapping paper and tinsel.

Cheese platter

Cheese is the ultimate snack food at any time of year, and best of all, is super easy to plate up and turn into an impressive looking coffee table spread. Stop by Barbosa Fine Food Deli at The Kitchens and pick up a mix of brie, blue, cheddar and camembert, along with some gourmet crackers and quince paste and you’re set!


Want a moreish snack that will keep hanger at bay without contributing to the need for a detox come December 27? A protein packed nut mix will do the trick, and Earth Markets are just the place to visit for nibbles you’ll go nutty for!


While you’re at Earth Markets, make sure you pick up a big bag of sweet, juicy cherries. Not only will you need them for that Christmas feast, but they also make the perfect bite sized snack to eat by the pool all afternoon.


You may not want to polish off too many of Poppy’s Chocolate truffles, but with bites like their sherry cherry dark, rum and raisin, raspberry and cream truffles and rocky road, you may want to leave a little room beside the honey roasted ham.