why Bianca dye couldn't stay away from the gold coast

Published on 25 July 2016


Partly brought up on the Gold Coast, Gold FM 92.5 host Bianca Dye is now back for a third time to live and work here… and this time she says she’s here to stay.

The Nerang girl who made it to No.1 in the Sydney radio rankings while working for Nova was happy to talk to us about what she loves about where she lives, why she loves her listeners and her little-remembered role during the early days of Robina Town Centre.

You spent some of your teenage years in Nerang – was the Gold Coast a good place to grow up?

Fantastic. I have memories of catching the bus – I don’t know how many buses there were – to get from the beautiful ‘hinterland’ of Nerang to Pizzey Park or 18thAve Palmie because the guys we had crushes on were all surfers or skaters. We’d get the bus and we’d watch guys surf and get sunburnt and I don’t even know what we were doing, that’s just what you did.

You talk on air about some of the funny jobs you had back then, like being the promotions person at Southport RSL… 

That was hilarious. I organised the karaoke night but they still gave me a badge and called me Promotions and Marketing Co-ordinator. I’ll take that! I thought. I’m like my dad, [noted entertainer] Izzy, a bit of a local icon himself, in that I can put on one hat but end up wearing 20. I can’t help myself. It’s the DNA of my family – we’re all hyper mild ADHD, like overexcited puppies. It’s a genuine passion that wherever I end up, I’m saying, “I’ve got this great idea to do this and this!”… People either come for the ride or I overwhelm them and they lock me out of their house.

Any other funny jobs?

When Robina Town Centre first opened I got a job as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and I used to sing outside one of the jewellery shops, doing “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” and spruiking for customers. Could it get any more tragic? Funnily enough it worked and people stopped, looked, and came inside.

Oh… also, I bought my Chihuahua Bella, who I had for 20 years, at a pet shop at Robina Town Centre.

When you came back to the Gold Coast last year after about 15 years away, how much did you notice it had changed?

I’ve watched it grow and it’s now pretty phenomenal. My friends used to see it as a joke of a place to live – I never saw it as a joke place though, I’ve always loved it – but now, oh my god, we’re so spoilt for choice. Have you been to Etsu on the Gold Coast Highway? There are so many great places to eat and everything’s organic – it’s like a mini-LA, I love it.

You interact with a lot of dyed-in-the-wool locals on air – do you still enjoy that banter?

One thing you learn in radio is that you need to appeal to the masses, not the few. It’s easy to think you’re above your listeners but the reality is, I’m living the same life as my listeners – I go through break-ups, I have times where there’s insufficient funds in my account. I think my appeal is that I just live my life and I’m honest. I’m almost too honest. I think any success I’ve had over 21 years in radio has been because I’m happy to share the wins and the losses, and that’s the reality of life, people want to know who they’re listening to.

And you’ve jumped straight into involving yourself in local issues?

We’re doing things like creating the Suns Army, marching into Metricon… that was my idea. I love the local angle. Growing up here, we didn’t have our own AFL team and now we’ve got one – this is so cool, we’ve got our own team. I’m passionate about local Gold Coast issues, and that is genuine. The Gold Coast is my home again now and I’m very parochial. I’m like, this is it, this is where I live, I love it. I’ll fight for the Goldie!

Bianca Dye


Bianca Dye’s radio show is on Gold FM 92.5, 3pm-7pm weekdays. Make sure you listen in for some great laughs and everything local. Follow her on Instagram @biancadye