Fiery Deli

Burgers, Healthy, Tapas, Mexican, Cocktails, Bar

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  • Opening hours
    11am - 9pm
    11am - 9pm
    11am - 9pm
    11am - 9pm
    11am - 9pm
    11am - 9pm
    11am - 9pm
  • 55 620 627
  • Level 1, Shop 5038
  • The Kitchens
  • Best parking is Purple Carpark
  • Accepts Robina Gift Cards

Sailing all the way from Venezuela on their family yacht to starting from a market stall to food truck to a Burleigh restaurant, the Fiery Deli now brings its Australian twist on Venezuelan street food to The Kitchens.

The star of the show is the Arepa and the Paracone. Arepas are a naturally gluten-free midpoint between a taco and a burger and are found on every street corner in Venezuela but only now making their way into the Australian food scene. Come and try this crispy cornmeal pocket filled with your choice of pulled meats, black beans, avocado lime salsa, creamy chicken, veggies or a combination of your choice and discover your new favourite street food.

Patacones are green plantain fritters with a choice of delicious toppings, like Venezuelan tapas.