Fish Lab by William Wu

Fish, Bar, Seafood

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  • Opening hours
    11am - 10pm
    11am - 10pm
    11am - 10pm
    11am - 10pm
    11am - 10pm
    11am - 10pm
    11am - 10pm
  • 5562 5735
  • Level 3, Shop 4239
  • The Kitchens
  • Best parking is Purple Carpark
  • Accepts Robina Gift Cards

Fish Lab by William Wu is a unique concept retail store that offers a sensational new seafood destination for The Kitchens. Fish Lab by William Wu is the creation of acclaimed chef and restaurateur, Kuilin William Wu and a new take on seafood where the chef is like a scientist, trying new things in a lab.

Fish Lab emphasises the connection between store and customer. Diners can download an app and use it to order fish in the morning to pick up, freshly prepared, the same day. The shop will also feature a smoke room and an air-drying room for customers to observe the preparation process. Additionally, the store will be selling a range of their own brand of condiments and sauces as well as a range of wines that are chosen specifically to complement fish purchases.
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