Aurora Tree

Created by American Artist Charles Gadeken in San Francisco 'Aurora' is a one of a kind towering 9 metre willow tree, with hand beaten copper leaves that chime in the wind. Positioned on the Promenade, Aurora comes to life at night in a spectrum of colours.

This magnificent piece of art allows you to control the lighting of its branches from your phone or from the iPad located near the tree. The ever changing lighting makes Aurora a true work of art.

The Aurora Tree will be located on the Promenade from 28 April – October 2016.

About Aurora:

Aurora was created for the Burning Man Festival (Nevada) in 2014. After the festival, the children of Californian City, Palo Alto were so inspired by Aurora that they raised the money to bring Aurora to their city. This will be the first time Aurora has come to Australia.

“With this piece, I am creating an environment of mythical beauty that instills a sense of awe, wonder and joy to those who experience it. It acts as a unique and unexpected element placed in the world that empowers and transforms the viewer at the moment of participation.”

Charles Gadeken, Artist